My Worst Weakness


Since I restarted my blog a couple of weeks ago, people, especially those who know me well, have asked me one gut wrenching question:

“If you’re trying to lose weight again, why are you still drinking Coke?”

I understand (and somewhat appreciate) the concern. If I’m going to go to all the trouble to work out on the elliptical machine everyday (or almost everyday) for 45 to 55 minutes, why would I possibly kill much of the results by consuming so many empty calories, not to mention the impact of the carbonation on my body?

Here are my excuses, er, responses for my continued Coke consumption:

  1. I look so much better in photos with a Coke bottle in my hand.
  2. Drinking soda gives the fat around my midsection a sporting chance.
  3. I can’t afford water.
  4. None of your business.

Honestly, I know my next step in losing 45 at 45 is to stop drinking soft drinks altogether. So, over the next several days, I’ll be slowly weaning myself from my favorite beverage using the following amounts:


Today: 36 oz.

Wednesday: 32 oz.

Thursday: 28 oz.

Friday: 24 oz.

Saturday: 20 oz.

Sunday: 16 oz.

Monday: 12 oz.

Tuesday: 10 oz.

Wednesday: 8 oz.

Thursday: 0 oz!!!!!!

I invite you all to keep me accountable.

5 thoughts on “My Worst Weakness

  1. John, pour out a glass full of coke (small glass will do). Drop a dirty penny in it. Set over night. Pour out coke next morning. What does that penny look like now? What is coke doing to your insides? More motivation to quit drinking this stuff. Let me know if it works for you.

    • Good idea! I might give it a try in the next couple of days. My biggest problem with stopping drinking Coke is the caffeine. I don’t drink coffee or tea or anything else caffeinated, so the headaches have already kicked in.

  2. John, many things have caffeine in them and they come without calories–green tea! Maybe doesn’t take so sweet, but add some agave nectar to it. You get the caffeine and the antioxidants!

  3. Did you succeed? I used to drink coffee and the caffeine headaches are not good. Coke and sodas made me sick once I gave them up, so it really wasn’t much of a struggle to stay off them.

    • Hi, Cheryl. Thanks for asking. I’m posting an updated blog today to let everyone know how I’m doing with it. I’m hoping that I won’t crave them afterwards, much like your testimony above. Thanks for the encouragement! Any other advice is certainly welcome.

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