Nuestras rojas elefantes beben fresa leche


I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a few weeks now. Instead of paying for the Rosetta Stone materials, which I understand is extremely helpful; I opted for the free language-learning app called Duolingo. On this app, a happy owl leads you through lessons titled basics, phrases, food, plurals, animals, possessives, etc… and allows you to learn in a game like setting on your phone, varying the questions to keep it interesting.

Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned while trying to learn Spanish with the Duolingo app:

  1. Yo is more than a statement yelled out by Rocky.
  2. It’s surprising to me that almost anything can drink milk (bebe leche).
  3. Yo no hablo espanol
  4. Very rarely does an English word translate into a Spanish word by adding the letter o to the end.
  5. This would have been a lot easier 20 years ago.


However, through the tenacity of the owl, I’ve made it to level 5 on Duolingo. If any of you have any tips on the Duolingo app or in learning Spanish altogether, please share.

Adios. Nuestras rojas elefantes beben fresa leche. Lo siento.


How I’m Learning Spanish For Free


Hola, mis amigos!

My third goal for my 45th year is to learn Spanish. After speaking to some of you, I believe it is time to clarify this goal.

I’ve discovered a free app called Duolingo, which assists individuals in learning other languages through a steady, systematic process. Several months ago, I spent about a month working through the Duolingo App and made it up to level four.

What I plan to do this year is start over at level one and work all the way through level 25. I started over yesterday and just this evening progressed to level two. I may do another level over the next couple of days since I’ve already been at this level once before, however, my plan is to simply learn at a slow and steady pace.

If you would like to join me in learning Spanish, check out Duolingo in your smart phone App store or online at

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