Hello 45!


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 45. I celebrated in my usual way: moping and denial, depending on whether or not presents were involved.

However, now that I’m coming to accept my age, I need to move forward with some personal life development. You see, every strengths assessment I’ve ever taken describes me as an achiever. Therefore, it’s logical to say I need to give myself something to achieve this year.

So here are three challenges I’m giving myself.

  1. Lose 45 lbs. (I now weigh 220 lbs)
  2. Write and publish a middle grade novel. (I’ve actually started this, but am still learning)
  3. Learn Spanish (I took a semester of Spanish in high school, but that was in the 1980’s)

Over the next year, I’ll be sharing my depressing lows and ecstatic highs on my blog (johnjfrady.com) as I strive to develop my subgoals and action plans for these personal challenges. I invite you to join me on my journey.

2 thoughts on “Hello 45!

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