Review – The Reset by Jeremy Riddle

The first page of the introduction slapped me hard across my face: 

This is what it said:

I don’t believe there has been a moment in history when the temptation to be a worship leader for all the wrong reasons has ever been greater, never a moment where the seduction of personal glory, fame, followers, adulation, money, self-gratification and earthly reward has more surrounded and infected this precious thing we call worship.

Then, I turned the other cheek so I could read it again. 

I first heard about The Reset: Returning to the Heart of Worship and a Life of Undivided Devotion from a friend of mine. I was intrigued, so I purchased the short book, expecting to finish it in a day. It took me a week because I had to spend time reflecting after each chapter. 

The book causes me to pray for those musicians who play or sing in multiple churches but who aren’t a part of any. At the same time, it reminds me of the times when I’ve settled for less than what God wants of me as a worshiper and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

If you desire to worship the Lord in a way that is deeper than music, status, and position, this book is for you.

Get ready to repent.

*Photo courtesy of Ben White and Unsplash

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