The Biggest New Thing

On this day in 1969, Chemical Bank in Rockville Center, New York opened the first automatic teller machine (ATM). By the 1980’s, these money machines were everywhere from banks to gas stations to cruise ships. It’s hard to imagine what today’s world would be like without them.


What was inconceivable before is now commonplace.

Five years ago, a friend said he thought it was rude to read scripture from your phone during the worship service. This year, he shared with me about how excited he was about how the people at his church all check-in on You Version for their scripture and their sermon outline.


What he rejected before has now become the new norm.

A few weeks ago, I had never heard of a MEVO. A month ago, I approved a purchase of one of these new small cameras with live streaming and recording capability. Two weeks later, we ordered seven more.


What we didn’t have before suddenly became a necessity.

Today, we use planning center for worship planning, tithe by text, and tag our pastor during his sermon. I never would have dreamed of doing these things ten years ago, not because it was bad. Just because it wasn’t how we lived then.

Makes me wonder what will be different in ten years in both life and church.

If you have any thoughts, let me know and I’ll share it next week.


4 thoughts on “The Biggest New Thing

  1. Good John. I think people tend to have a hard time with new things, change especially when learning is involved. It’s a learning curve. There is a lot of objectivity that should be involved not subjectivity. But I appreciate how you embrace change, new ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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