Top Ten Things Not To Give Your Pastor on Pastor Appreciation Month


October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  But sometimes, pastors receive gifts that just don’t make sense.  In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, here is the Top Ten List of Things Not To Give Your Pastor on Pastor Appreciation Month:

10.  The latest Miley Cyrus album

9.  A life-sized statue of the Abominable Snowman

8.  A gift card from Hooters

7.  A foul-mouthed parrot

6.  An electric nose-hair trimmer

5.  A pew-sized whoopee cushion

4.  A personalized urinal cake with a deacon’s picture emblazed upon it

3.  A membership to the Hair-Loss Club for Men

2.  A book titled How To Preach Better Sermons

1.  A ferret