The Truth Is, Truth or Dare is the Place To Be

Congratulations to the teenagers of the Des1re Youth Ministry of Celebration Church for their first night of their Truth or Dare outreach event.  The drum-line, games, flying basketball dunkers, dancers, actors, speakers, and video were all amazingly put together for an incredible life-changing night.  The lines of teens waiting to pray with people at the end was undeniable evidence that God was seriously at work through the efforts of these young people.

I had lots of opportunities to be in productions when I was in Jr. High and High School.  I also had the chance to help with lots of Christian Outreach events as a teenager.  However, it wasn’t until much later that I was able to participate in anything close to the same magnitude as what these young people accomplished tonight with their first production of Truth or Dare.  I’m so proud of them all.

If you are connected to a teenager in the New Orleans area, do them a favor and take them to Truth or Dare on Saturday evening.

Truth or Dare is being held at the Crescent City Christian School Gymnasium at 7 PM Saturday Evening.  Tickets are $5.00.  For more information, see