The First Thing We Learn About God

Oxygen Volume 14

So what’s the first thing we learn about God?

Whenever we read the five words of the Bible, we don’t learn that God is loving or forgiving or convicting or beautiful, even though He is all those things.

Instead, we read:  In the beginning God created

Emily P. Freeman writes The first thing we know about God is He made art.

What is the first thing we know about people?

We were made in the image of God.* 

So what does that make us?

If we’re made in the image of God, then we are creative.

Most of us believe this when we are children.

But then something happens.

Life happens.

Someone laughs at us.

We see someone else who is more creative than us (in our opinion)

Our favorite show comes on, so we give up and quit trying.

Through it all, we lose our creative spark.

We lose our creative desire.

We lose part of who we are.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can change it.

Don’t stop creating.

Remember who you are.

Hold on to who God called you to be.

No matter how you do it, create something.

It doesn’t matter if it’s music notes, clay, words, paint, string or bacon.

Keep creating.

Don’t stop.

Don’t let anyone take it from you.

It’s who God made you to be.

*A Million Little Ways

When Being God Just Wasn’t Enough


He had everything that a God could possibly want.  But everything was consumed by the darkness, so He spoke light into existence and systematically set up the first day and night.  Over the next few days, He created the sky, the dry land and seas; vegetation and the trees; the Sun, moon, and stars; the sea creatures, birds, and land dwelling wildlife.  Then, as the Lord looked over everything that He had created, He saw that it was good.

But it wasn’t enough.  God, the Creator, desired to create something, someone, like Himself, something unique, someone who could oversee His creation and also relate to Him personally.  So, He created man in His own image, fully equipped with His own attributes:  reason, intellect, emotion, free will, and responsibility.  Then, He looked at man and saw that it was very good.

We were created in the image of God.  We are the epitome of His creation.

And that is very good.