3 Simple Tips For Worship Leaders To Improve Their Leadership


Here are 3 simple ways for worship leaders to improve their worship leadership, regardless of their style of worship music:

1.     Memorize the lyrics to the songs you are leading.  If you don’t have time to memorize lyrics, then you aren’t spending enough time in preparation.  The confidence monitor, lead sheet, hymnal, or cheat sheet might seem like your best friend, but it can also become your worst enemy.  Use it as a reference, not as a guide.  People want to see your eyes looking toward them during worship, not glued to the words.

2.     Smile.  People want to worship with a pleasant leader who enjoys the experience of leading them into God’s presence.  A frowning worship leader is a distraction because his/her demeanor puts the attention on himself/herself instead of on the Lord.  A smiling worship leader can point people to God simply through positive facial expressions.

3.     Worship privately.  If you aren’t regularly spending time in God’s presence, you aren’t going to be able to lead others into His presence.  People can tell if you don’t know the way.  They can tell if you’re faking it.  Spend so much time with the Lord that it’s evident to those around you that worship is an important part of your life.

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