Great Websites For Church Video Resources


Some churches are blessed with great video departments who can crank out quality ministry videos quickly. Others have small departments who produce quality work, but are limited on personnel and equipment resources. Most churches have no video department, but would often still like to use quality video in ministry.

Wherever your church fall, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself searching for a quality video for worship music, sermon illustration, or teaching tool. Below is a list of great websites which may help your video ministry needs. – Worship House Media is often my first go to site when searching. They provide mini-movies, worship tracks, countdowns, worship stills, motion backgrounds, and resources for small groups and church software. – Sermon Spice offers pretty much the same resources as Worship House Media, but they include extended video illustration resources, many of those created by individual church ministry teams, meaning the quality sometimes varies. – Dan Stevers creates quality creative videos for church worship services. You won’t find countdowns or worship tracks on his site because he sticks to creating quality mini-movies of the highest quality. This is one of my favorite sites because he also offers his videos in various languages, which is a blessing for churches with multilingual venues. – Wingclips offers movie clips that illustrate and inspire for worship services and teaching environments. It offers you the opportunity to search clips from hundreds if not thousands of movies by movie title, scripture, category, or theme. This is a good site with prepared ready to use downloadable clips, but I often find that where they begin or end clips are slightly odd. – Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, better known as The Skit Guys, have been around for years, providing entertaining yet thought provoking drama for worship and ministry use. Their website features ministry videos and motion backgrounds, but also downloadable scripts for churches who wish to perform their mini-dramas live. I’ve found this site extremely useful for seasonal emphases. and it’s sister site – These websites focuses much more on teaching resources than the other sites listed. On these sites, you’ll find great children’s resources, full Bible study videos by well known Bible teachers plus full Bible study teaching kits as well as great testimonies from students and adults alike on a variety of topics. I’ve used illustration and testimony videos from this site before for worship, but it’s often taken extra time to find because that’s not the main purpose of the sites.

Recently, I’ve also found great video resources produced by other churches and ministries by searching the following websites: –, the largest church in the United States, offers most if not all of its resources to other churches for free. Create a username and browse. – Centered around sermons and preaching resources, but continually offer a wider variety of video illustrations – Video store of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada – Free resources from Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Great place to follow high resoluation quality video ministries of churches. My favorites are Hillsongs and Elevation Church. – More and more, churches are sharing great video resources with others directly on youtube. Other for profit sites will share their products here with links to their sites for purchase. Most often, the quality is not as good as vimeo. – Sort of like drinking Christian resources from a fireman’s water hose. Great resources can be found, but the organization of the site seems a little scattered.

I learn about more resources everyday, so I’m sure I’ve missed a few great ones. If you can think of some, please share in the comments section.


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