Late Night Frustration


There I was, once again, working long into the night, angry that my ministry project wasn’t producing the results I expected.  In frustration, I threw up my hands and cried out, “God, what am I doing wrong?”

That’s when, in my head, I heard a whisper say, “Ask Me for help.”

Why do we do it?  Why do we spend countless hours working on ministry projects, seasonal productions, mission trips, evangelism strategies, small group trainings, and worship planning meetings without asking for God’s favor?  Why don’t we ask Him to establish the work of our hands?

We all make this mistake on an almost daily basis.  We get so busy serving the Lord that we fail to ask Him, the all-knowing Creator God, to guide us in the work that we are doing.  We simply forget to ask Him to bless the work of our hands, minds, and voices.  In other words, we neglect to involve Him in the process of our ministry projects and processes.  Why do we do this?

Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish the work of our hands-establish the work of our hands!  Psalm 90:17 HCSB

It’s time for us to ask His forgiveness.  It’s time that we asked Him for His favor.  It’s time that we trust Him to guide us once again.

Lord, forgive us when we forget You.  May we find favor in Your eyes.  Will You please establish the work of our hands?

3 thoughts on “Late Night Frustration

  1. This is very true. Everyday before work I ask God to take charge of every situation I might encounter. I ask Him to guide and direct my actions and paths. Being human I still get in His way, I take a wrong step, speak without thinking, etc. When that happens I ask His forgiveness and move forward allowing Him full control. I believe this is the way it will always be here. When we are united with Him this struggle will be over.

    Thanks for sharing

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