Are You God? The Legacy of Mildred McWhorter


When God called Mildred McWhorter to vocational missions, she said, “Lord, You’re got to be teasing.  I can’t be serious at a funeral.  Much less, for the rest of my life doing mission work.”  However, God used her for 35 years in inner-city Houston, reaching out to people of various ethnicities in a city of 3.5 million.

As a young missionary, she was confronted by a young man with a switch blade who decided that he was going to scare her away from the area.  He wasn’t going to put up with a woman who had come to the area to win them all to Jesus.  So, much to her surprise, he wielded his knife and cut all five buttons off of her blouse.


Remembering the moment, Mildred says, “Man, it didn’t hurt me where he cut the buttons off but my thumb like to killed me because I flattened him!  I hit him right in the nose!”

She knew that she was in the Lord’s will as she watched the young man with the broken nose run away from her, that is after his friends had picked him up off of the ground.

The people of inner-city Houston soon embraced Mildred as she embraced them.  Once, she was holding a small boy in her lap who looked at her and asked, “Are you God?”

Surprised, she answered, “No, I’m not God, but God’s love lives in my heart.”

“No!” answered the little boy.  “You are God!”

Again, Mildred responded, “No, I’m not God, but His Son Jesus lives in my heart.”

The child pointed to her heart and said, “No.  I can see Him right there.”

Of this story, Author Esther Burroughs, in her book Splash the Living Water writes, “Imagine living in the power of the Holy Spirit so clearly that a child feels he can see God in your life.”

Mildred remembers, “I found out that you win people who have nothing, who don’t care for themselves, who’ve thrown their lives away, you win them by caring.”

Click here to see Mildred sharing a testimony about her calling and service –

Mildred is now retired, living in her native Georgia, but her legacy lives on.


Over the years of her service, Miss Mac, as she was called, and the volunteers working alongside her were able to establish a strong mission presence in inner-city Houston with mission centers in three locations.  In 2007, Mildred was in attendance for the opening of the Mildred McWhorter Missionary building on the site of one of the mission centers.  This missionary building serves as the administrative headquarters for the mission centers and houses 36 volunteer missionaries and staff.

Click the link to read an article about Mildred’s work in Houston:,4994473

God, thank You for Mildred McWhorter’s shining example of missionary service.  May we all be found as faithful as she.

3 thoughts on “Are You God? The Legacy of Mildred McWhorter

  1. That is an awesome story that begins to tell her life story. She has touched so many lives over the years.

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