10 funny business signs

Many of you know that I am a collector of funny images, especially signs.  Here are 10 funny business signs taken by myself or by one of my friends.  Please forgive me if this is your business.  Just accept it as free promotion:

Sir, would you like more salsa on your Crab Rangoon?

However, a more narrow form of panic is scheduled for May.

The unseen vending machine behind me sells fishing rods.

There weren’t many kids hanging around this canoe rental business.  Wonder why?

Yes, Doctor, I need a lobotomy and while you’re at it, there’s a sofa I need moved.

Yes, I’d like to buy it, but before I do I need to phone home…

Yeah, give me 4 steel belted radials and Scofield Reference Bible.

It’s so nice of the fine Christian folks at Hooters to consider that I might be fasting.

I wasn’t planning on buying any slugs today, but if I get to pick them, well, that’s another story.

Finally, we found a good supplier for Carlos Wang’s Mexican Chinese Restaurant.

Stay tuned for next week’s funny picture feature:  Funny Church Signs


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